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Trade Setup: USD/ZAR Short

This pair seems to be overbought on the stochastics right around the top of a downward trend. Additionally, it appears to be getting repelled by the cloud. I’m looking for a move at least back down to the weekly pivot. UPDATE: I’m in at 14.55360. UPDATE: Well, my target was hit, but instead of sticking …

Trade Setup: USD/JPY Long

With some hidden divergence and a missed pivot I’m looking for this guy to move back up…at least to the downward trendline. UPDATE: I’m in at 101.14. UPDATE: Out at 103.282…I’m going to look for another entry lower.

Android ServerSocket Permission Denied

I was just trying to create a web server application and ran into this, so I thought I’d share it. I wanted to run my Android web server on port 80 (since that’s where web servers usually run), but I kept getting a BindException saying “Permission denied”. Note that ServerSocket, of course, requires android.permission.INTERNET in …